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Criminal Law

As Criminal Law is a highly specialized area of law, there are certain credentials that should be met in a criminal lawyer:

  • Experience: Criminal lawyers should be experienced, well skilled and dedicated to their client' rights. They should master the defense strategies whether it is during the investigation, trial or any stage of the criminal process. Experience also comes with handling a wide range of cases as many elements vary from one crime to another.
  • Reputation: Criminal lawyers must be highly respected among prosecutors and judges. Winning the confidence of the Judges is an art that any specialized criminal lawyer must know how to master to get rulings favorable to their clients case.
  • Trust: Criminal lawyers act as the voice of the client; therefore trustworthiness is the most important criterion. Trust in criminal cases must be built on respect since preparing the defense requires maintaining the strictest form of confidentiality as well as being able to sommunicate freely without uncomfortable.
  • Creativity: Criminal lawyers should take advantage of the fact that criminal law has many alternatives when in comes to the defenses as well as sentences. Therefore, criminal lawyers must work hard to defend each case base on its own unique facts as no criminal cases are alike.

Criminal Litigation Department at Al Shaali & Co.
Al Shaali & Co. expertise in Criminal law has come a long way as the partners working in this field have extensive hands-on experience as former prosecutors. Our experience as former prosecutors enhances our ability to both negotiate and to present cases to juries.

Mr. Khalifa was also a former Judge before joining the firm.

This guarantees to our clients, not only good reputation but also the experience and dedication to bring a detailed understanding of the procedures and tactics involved in criminal litigation.

Our partner and Managing Director, Mr. Salem Al Shaali heads the Criminal Law Department and he utilizes his strong presence in the Court.

With winning hallmark criminal cases, the firm is now highly regarded among its peers in this segment of law.

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