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Family and Sharia’s Law

The United Arab Emirates, A civil law country, has a dual system of Sharia's and civil courts.

The Sharia's courts apply the Islamic laws and procedures and primarily handle matters of personal status such as family law, inheritance and successions of Muslims.

Some Sharia courts can also deal with civil and commercial cases.

The Sharia court at federal level (excluding Dubai and Ras Al Khaimeh) may also hear appeals of certain criminal's cases such as rape, robbery, driving under the influence of alcohol, etc.

Family and Sharia'a Department at Al Shaali & Co.
Our lawyers at Al Shaali & Co. specialized in Family law are among the best in the region. They are experienced and skilled to understand the complex legal issues involved in family relationships and lasting impact of such decision to the whole family.

They are also trained to and committed to alternative dispute resolution while maintaining the balance with the clients needs.

Al Shaali & Co. offer diplomacy and value when dealing with:

- Application for Divorce
- Advice in Separation Counseling
- Advice on Domestic Counseling
- Custody
- Inheritance


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