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Immigration and Labor Law

The employer/employee relations in the UAE are regulated by Federal Law No 8, for 1980 (a federal legislation applicable to all seven emirates) as well as several ministerial orders and Cabinets decisions.

This law is comprehensive and covers all aspects of employee-employer relationships such as:

  1. Employment Contracts
  2. Wages
  3. Working Hours
  4. Leaves and Holidays
  5. Codes of Discipline
  6. Medical Insurance
  7. Safety and protection of employees and employment related accidents and fatalities.
  8. Termination of contracts
  9. End of Service Benefits ( Gratuity )
  10. Penalties

In the case of a dispute between employer and employee, or in interpretation of the labor law, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will initially act as an adjudicator. If a party wishes to appeal any such decision, it can take its case to court.

Immigration and Labor law Department at Al Shaali & Co.
Al Shaali & Co. provides innovative solutions to problems and inquiries regarding labor related issues. We offer guidance, advice, counsel and representation in matters affecting both the employers and the employees.

We advice and counsel businesses on how to manage employment issues to prevent costly lawsuits that threaten their profitability and reputation.

Al Shaali & Co. can also assist employees in identifying their legal rights regarding employment law and labor relations issues related to their problem and at the same time assist them in building a solid defense in the case of the violation of their rights.


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