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Maritime Law

Although the UAE is well known for its rich maritime trading and its ports are considered the busiest in the region, it was only in 1981 that Federal Maritime law No. 26 was first enacted.

This comprehensive law of 420 articles in mainly based on international conventions and yet at the same time has been influenced by the maritime legislation of many European and Neighboring Countries such as Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

The UAE Maritime law consists of an introductory chapter (articles 1-10) as well as six other chapters that deal with:

  1. The Ship (articles 11-83)
  2. The Arrest of Ships, Liens and Mortgages (article 84-134)
  3. Persons of the Ship (articles 135-215)
  4. Development of the Ship (articles 216-317)
  5. The Maritime Contingencies (article 318-365)
  6. The Maritime Insurance (articles 366-420)

In 2004, the Federal National Council approved a new maritime law which is required to enforce the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

This new law is expected to enhance ship and port security as its penal section covers all maritime activities.

Maritime and Insurance Department at Al Shaali & Co.
Al Shaali & Co Maritime Law Department provides the full range of legal services related to all Marine cases such as Marine torts, injuries, accidents, labor disputes and Insurance.

This Department is headed by Dr. Osama Al Nachef, holder of two PHD degrees in Maritime Law; one from Bordeaux University and the other on Maritime Insurance from Nantes University in France.


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