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Al Shaali & Co. Mission

WE at Al Shaali & Co. are committed to providing our clients with an easy access to a comprehensive legal advice which is consistent with their best interests.

We aim to deliver this by ensuring that:

  • When listening to our client's needs, we no only hear what they say but we listen and have a rigorous exchange of ideas that helps to meet their needs of today as well as anticipate their needs and challenges in the future.
  • The legal implications and consequences are explained to our clients in order to make the best decision in their interest.
  • We offer a more informal working relationship with our clients as we believe that when they get to know everyone in the office, they will feel more comfortable and this leads to a better one-on-one relationship.
  • We are always abreast of the developments in laws and regulations through regular discussions with the authorities.
  • We are always working on maintaining our contacts as well as building new ones as we believe that having the right contacts is what matters besides the reputation of a law firm. At the end, it is the contacts and not the size that matters when it comes to choosing law firms.

Our mission is simply is to be recognized for our ability to adapt to thevarious needs of our clients and to making things happen.

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